Brothers and Sisters,

It was recently pointed out to me that some of our newer and younger members may not know what being part of a union really entails.  Sure you all know that Union dues are taken out of your paychecks, but what do those dues get you?

Your dues aid your Local and your National Union in the continued fight to maintain the level of benefits, medical, retirement, leave and pay that you currently enjoy.  Your dues help provide representation and fund the grievance procedure at the Local and National level; which is the single most important mechanisms utilized to uphold our contract and your rights.

There however are far more important reasons to be a dues paying member of your Union.  Being a member gives you the right to vote in your Local and National elections.  You help decide who represents you and your interests.  This is one of the single most important rights you have as a member.  Yet only approximately 20% of our members vote in elections.

As a member you also have a right to attend your Local Union meeting.  This is your opportunity to question your Local representative face to face.  This is your opportunity to hear the issues affecting our members on the work room floor.  Your opportunity to let us hear your voice as to what direction you want YOUR Union to go in and what local expenses we are approved to spend.  Unfortunately we struggle monthly to get a quorum of 20 members present at our General Membership Meeting.  Without a quorum we cannot do the business of the local.

In short, YOU are the most important part of this Union.  We need you to get involved.  We need you to voice your concerns.

Also, I would like to hear from you the new and younger members on what we can do to try and get more members involved in our Local.  What would it take to get our newest generation of Postal Workers invested in the St Paul Area Local? Please call me at 651-224-2639 come to a GMM or email me at with any ideas or feedback.

In solidarity,

Dave Cook
Vice President