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Just when you think management has gone to its lowest point, they prove to you they can go further and live in the decaying matter at the bottom of the ocean.  For more than 20 years, the St. Paul Area Local and management have signed retreat right memos for sections undergoing sectional excessing to “minimize the impact” to those being excessed by allowing people to bid out during the notice period and have retreat rights.  This allows the number of employees to be excessed from a section to be reduced.

Since the notification to the Union concerning the impact, we have asked for this MOU to be signed to allow this to occur.  The Plant Manager had indicated he would sign it.  However, when it was presented to him he stated he needs to seek some input before signing.  Never said he would not sign it.  Then this morning, I get a call from the Plant Manager stating he is not interested in signing it.

Absent this agreement there are no retreat rights given until an employee is excessed from the section.  If you bid and presently hold a duty assignment for any of the sections listed above and expect retreat rights per our past practice, please cancel your bid by 10 AM Friday, August 18, 2017

I want to apologize, I was under the impression this MOU would be signed as agreed to verbally.  In the past, these agreements have been made and signed.  It is completely frustrating to work with the present management team in St. Paul.

The Plant Manager comes to you employees and tells you he is trying to minimize the impact on the sections.  Then his actions tell a different story.  We have been demanding all the changes to the section be implemented at one time and management is unable to get their act together to accomplish this.  So, they have to do it in phases which continue to impact employees in that they are required to reorder their lives three times.  Start time changes, reposting duty assignments due to more than an hour change, and excessing to become unassigned regular.  The action of the present Plant Manager speaks much louder than his words.  He has no interest in minimizing the impact to employees.

Therefore, for those impacted sections we will require management do the posting and awarding of the duty assignments in accordance with Article 12 and Article 37 and not agree to a quick bid process.  Historically we have participated in the quick bid process because it provides a quick way to transition into these changes.  By not agreeing the process will take months as bid cycles roll through and retreat rights are offered during every cycle.  I can not express my anger nor frustration at the lack of leadership and resolve to do the right thing for the employees in these sections.

For those APWU represented clerks in sections not impacted.  Management presented additional plans they intend to implement in the near future which impact at least 95 percent of full-time duty assignments. Many of the changes are start time changes within an hour which allow the employee to stay in the duty assignment and require them to report at the new time. There is also a number of sections where management is changing the hours greater than an hour and changing days off.  Article 37 requires these duty assignments to be posted installation wide and if the employee is not able to get the position becomes unassigned on the date of the award of the reposted duty assignment. I have seen some of the proposals and they make no sense operationally.  When questioned on it, we are simply told it does not match the computer model we are required to implement. The simply nod and understand but have to do what the computer states.  The Plant Manager and In Plant support team implementing these changes might as well be a DBCS machine with the red lights and alarms going off.  They have forgotten we do the work and know how to get the mail out the door not some one size fits all computer program which has no sense what it really takes to process mail in the Plant. Next time they tell you we just do not earn the positions and are inefficient tell them it is their actions which create inefficiency.

Todd Elkerton

St. Paul APWU President

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