Postal Privatization is Proposed by the President of the United States
from the September 2018 Postmark

The threat is real! The Presidential Commission on the Postal Service was set to release its report from their expedited study of the Postal Service.  The conclusion of the Commission is to recommend Privatization.  However, it was not released in August as previously reported.  The latest information is that the report will be issued after the election this fall.  Privatization has a very clear record of degrading workers wages and benefits, as well as, their voice in the workplace.  Further, this election will carry very clear consequences to the future of the USPS employees and retirees.  I am not typically a sky is falling guy, but if we continue to let social issues divide, we as workers will pay a heavy price in the dignity we have come take for granted.  This is not hyperbole, it is simply the truth and we as workers must stand up this fall and use our voice through voting for candidates who support a public post office. These attacks only highlight the need for our members to engage in the political process to ensure continued dignity and respect for the hard work we do.

Recently House of Representatives tacked on a rider to legislations which would have significantly reduced the USPS ability to continue to increase revenue.  It was a late addition, the APWU was alerted and we worked hard with the other Postal Unions to defeat the legislation with the support of 18 Republican legislators, which our leadership has said they will recognize for their help in protecting the public Post Office.

At the National Convention, which was held in late August we participated in a rally to call attention to first ever proposal from a President of the United States to PRIVATIZE the Post Office.  It received news coverage in Pittsburgh, PA and has started to spread to other parts of the United States. We must continue to educate ourselves and family members to the threats we face in the near future.

The St. Paul Area Local continues to follow our principles of protecting dignity and respect in the workplace and will stand up to these threats.  Please do not sit out this election and when you do vote, vote to protect your job which provides for you and your family.  The National APWU, in conjunction with the AFL-CIO Labor 2018 program, has elevated MN to a tier 1 State which means will get added support in this election promoting candidates who support working people’s issues. If you would like to get involved both current members and retirees contact the Union Office at 651-778-1637 and we will connect you with people who can use your abilities.