Open Season for Health Insurance is coming up. This is your chance to review the various plans and chose what works best for you.
To compare plans, go to, select insurance, then you can chose 3 plans to compare. One warning, the OPM site does NOT list the APWU career for a year rate for the consumer driven plan.

You can also go to the APWU health plan site and select open season to see all the changes for the plan this year.

One major change is the APWU is offering a Medicare advantage plan for high option members with Medicare parts A and B. This plan offers extra benefits, like silver sneakers, and offers a $50 a month reimbursement on the premium.
With the Covid restrictions, the APWU is offering virtual health fairs every Tuesday and Thursday. To register for one of these, go to

As always if you have questions about the plan benefits you can call me at the union office. 651-778-1637.