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Todd Elkerton, President 3/16/2020
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Three Year Agreement September 21, 2018- September 20, 2021

Career Wage Increases
1.3% effective Nov. 24, 2018 (Retro)
1.1% effective Nov. 23, 2019 (Retro)
1.0% effective Nov. 21, 2020
Cost of Living Increases
July 2018 ($624)
January 2019 ($166)
July 2019
And continuing through July 2021
COLA to date $790 annual or $0.38 hourly
Step(s) added to 2011 career schedules
2 additional in grades 6-8
1 additional to grade 5
PSE Increases
Will receive 1% effective the same dates as the Career employees
Additional $0.20 applied May 2020 for the last two years of the agreement
PSE one-time conversion
For PSE’s in 125 work-year offices who have 2.5 years of service as the date of the Award shall be converted within 60 days of the Award.
Health Care
1% reduction the Postal Services contribution bringing it to 72%
Uniform/Work Clothes increases
May 21 2020 5%
May 21, 2021 2.5%

Line H Custodial Staffing
Arbitrator modified the MS-47 TL 5 MOU to allow the Postal Service to pro-rate Line H hour’s calculations to exclude the work hours of custodians who are on long-term absences. Limited to 5 specific situations; Military Leave, FMLA covered absences; leave under USERRA, OWCP leave, and Court Leave. In addition, the Arbitrator permits the USPS to adjust the Line H hours to account for the hours in a staffing package that had been properly withheld custodian vacancy under Article 12.
Also, the Arbitrator limited remedy based on Article 8 limitations within the CBA and restricted due to custodians on restricted work hours.
The above is contingent only in a facility which is full staffed.
MOU on No Layoff Clause and HCR limitation extended
MOU on Retail is ended.
The rest of the CBA which is not modified by the award remains in full
The following TA’s are agreed to but not provide in the Award available for download with the Award.

Tentative Agreements – Attachment 1
1 Workplace Environment Improvement
2 Article 2.1
3 Article 15.6 Administration
4 Article 26 Uniforms and Work Clothes
5 Article 31.2 (APWU 31A‐1)
6 MOU Re Mutual Exchanges in the Clerk Craft Between Pay Levels (APWU
7 Article 38.5 (APWU 38D‐1)
8 Article 38.6.A.1 ‐A.3 Training Selection Criteria (E‐05‐38)
9 Article 38.6.A.2 (APWU 38B‐1)
10 Article 39.2.A.6 (APWU 39P‐1)
11 Article 39.2.A.9 (APWU 39G‐1)
12 Article 39.2.A.10 (E‐49‐39)
13 Article 39.2.A.11 (APWU 39M‐1)
14 Article 39.3.H (APWU 39L‐1)
15 Article 41.2.G.2 Bidding (E49‐39)
16 MOU Re Arbitration Scheduling Procedures ‐ (LMOU)
17 MOU Re Electronic Technician PS‐11 (NTSN Technician)
18 MOU Re Expedited Arbitration
19 MOU Re Bargaining Information (APWU 31A‐1)
20 MOU Re Mail Equipment Shop Prior MOUs
21 Continue Discussion

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