I want to thank you all for the opportunity to serve as the Maintenance Craft Director once again. Also, I want to congratulate Sam Kim for the position of Maintenance Craft Trustee. It is humbling that we went unopposed for this election. Again I thank you!

To all of the Laborer Custodial PS-4 and the few Building Maintenance Custodial PS-5 employees out in the Associate offices, I want you out there to know that the Union is here for you and if you are in need of Union representation you need to ask the Management in your location for a Union Steward. When you ask your Management they have no more than two hours to get you a Union steward. If you are not given a Union steward within the two hours of asking or at the very least a message from the Union steward you are entitled to a remedy of $25.00 for the failure to get you Union representation. If you find that you are not receiving Union representation through your management, call the Union office at (651) 224-2639 and let us know so we can educate them on this issue.

Further, I want to address another issue that is happening out in the Associate offices, which is the fact Management, is subcontracting maintenance work. If you happen to see non Postal Maintenance people performing maintenance work in your facility please contact the Union office ASAP. You are the eyes and ears we need out in the outer areas.

We are looking for people that are interested in becoming a Union Steward on Tours 1 & 3 as well as the Twin Cities LDC, to help us represent everyone in Maintenance. I want to thank Rod Renner, Matt Garcia and Sam Kim for the hard work they do representing the Maintenance Craft everyday.

Maintenance Craft Director

Jim Pierce