Todd Elkerton,  President
St. Paul, MN Area Local
January 7, 2014

Because your union has prevailed in the grievance process, the Postal Service will, once again, on a case-by-case basis, agree to purchase your prescription safety glasses.  Management is hoping to work out the details with a vendor and resume the program within the next several weeks.  If you are in need of prescription safety glasses because of your category of required PPE, you should discuss this with your supervisor so that he or she can begin the necessary paperwork for the request.

Also, much of the roll out of the new protective garb for electrical workplace safety has been met with confusion and contempt.  The policy needs to equally and evenly applied to all Occupational Groups and Tours that need protection from electrical hazards.

At present, if your supervisor has instructed you to use the safety equipment, do so.  The policy has not been totally coherent and until several aspects of it are ironed out, don’t put yourself in a position of violating an instruction from your supervisor.

If you are in doubt about your safety attire while servicing an electrical device, suit up. It takes more time, but you are being paid by the hour and not by the pound.

Dave Geissinger
Maintenance Craft Director
St. Paul, MN Area Local APWU