Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Mailing Requirement Clerks Pilot Program – here is a warning. Protect your work and your Job. Do not take shortcuts, document ALL your work activities and protect revenue. No focus groups can take place at the Local level with APWU Represented Bargaining unit Employees WITHOUT the APPROVAL of the local union and we are not giving this approval. One of the reasons is we do not is that management will use it against you to get rid of jobs. Management claims they will not use this information against you, but they have lied to us before.

Your union has been working very hard to make all of management’s desired changes be less painful than management is making it. I have a meeting on 11/2/17 with management to fix the problems with the latest start time changes. Instead of management listening to the union the first time and go with the right order, your Plant Manager went backwards and caused grievances to be filed and turned your life turned upside down when he didn’t need to. SO don’t be mad at your union when it is your plant manager and his boss making these poor decisions.  More changes are coming and when the union gets the information, we will let you know.

Management was ordered to give out discipline for attendance. So if you get hauled into the office, ask for a steward.  PSE – if management on Tour 3 asks you to run a machine by yourself, ask for a steward. This is a safety issue. Management claims they care about safety but  this is not true and the one to blame for this issue here is Randy, our Plant manager. He will not stand up for you so when you see him ask him why he does not care about your well-being.

Bruce Gutzke, Clerk Craft Director