A heart-felt thank you, to each of you who entrusted me as a delegate on your behalf to attend Pre-Convention Workshops, Clerk Division Conference, and the 24th Biennial National Convention held in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania from August 16-24 201  There were over 2,000 delegates in attendance from all states at the Convention. It was evident that  “Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow” is going to take all Union Members, not just Stewards and Officers.  We can help each other every single day.  Do not allow management to take your job away.  Do not let Management do Clerk, Maintenance, or Motor Vehicle work.  Any time you witness anyone in Management performing bargaining unit work, take note of what they were doing and  how long they were doing the work. Ask for a Union Steward and let the Steward fight for your job by filing a grievance on your behalf. If you do not receive a Steward, call the Steward Office and we will file a grievance for you not receiving a Steward on top of what you ask for a Steward for in the beginning.  This is happening too much everywhere, including the Stations.  Remember, if not you, then who will do it? It is a collective fight, we all need to stand together.

Shelly Fleming