Maintenance Report

I hope all of you and yours enjoyed a great summer, and are looking forward to the coming Fall Season.

We as a Union Brothers and Sisters need to work together, not against each other. Management thrives on dividing the Maintenance Craft. We are stronger as a Craft when we work together and make sure that Management enforce the contract evenly and correctly. As Maintenance Craft employees we do not need to be friends with each other we just need to be united as a Craft. To ensure we as a Union are not trampled on by Management. If we as a Craft are able to work together as a united force Management will know that we will hold them accountable to the contract.

One of the many issues we have here is new Supervisors in the Maintenance Department that have no clue what the contract says or what their actual job requires. I have offered to help the new supervisors with everyday issues of the contract as it applies to the Maintenance Craft and it seems to fall on deaf ears and Management is unwilling to ask for guidance and they continue to violate the contract.

Management can not hold your Annual Slips (PS Form 3971) hostage. They cannot deny your annual leave for call-ins, employees on sick leave, employees training, if the quota is open. If you submit your 3971 into your supervisor for the next day or within 2 weeks prior to the date in question the supervisor must provide an answer by end of your tour. If you experience this issue ask to see a Union Steward.

Further, if you are not allowed to see the Annual Leave book because the office is locked or the annual leave book is not readily available to look at ask for a Union Steward. The Annual Leave book needs to be available to the Maintenance Craft employees for review. If this is not allowed the Union needs to know.

Management Performing Bargaining Unit Work is not allowed. Management cannot utilize tools PERIOD! The issue of Management utilizing tools is addressed in Step 3 Settlement Local # 606T66, this settlement is the result of a grievance that was filed against the MES performing Feeder Alignment adjustments/Inspections back in 2006. In essence the award was given stating that MANAGEMENT CANNOT use tools on machines. If you witness any Management using tools on a machine ask for a Union steward and provide to the Union a statement with the following information; Who, what, where, when, and how long they were performing the work. We need to preserve our work and stop Management from performing our work. “IF YOU SEE IT REPORT IT” Management short staffs us, and then they perform our work when they cannot get work done in a timely manner to suit their needs.

If Management directs you to work outside of your Position Description and it is not unsafe you have to perform the work, however after performing the work make sure you request to see a Union Steward to address the improper assignment of work outside of your normal duties. On a regular basis Management is directing lower level Maintenance employees to work higher level duties and they are getting away with it. Management is not going to staff the Maintenance Craft to the proper staffing levels if they successfully get away with improperly assigning higher level work to lower level employees for less hourly pay.

We are looking for employees interested in being a Union Steward for tours 1 and 3, if you are interested please leave a message in Local President Todd Elkerton’s panel.

Jim Pierce

Maintenance Craft Director