Protecting Full-Time Jobs Is Everyone’s Responsibility

In April of 2017 management started attacking full-time jobs.  The St. Paul APWU has been working hard to save these positions.  We have filed grievances protesting all reversions in the St. Paul Installation Clerk Craft.  The St. Paul APWU was also informed shortly after the assault started the Processing and Distribution intended to abolish more than 45 duty assignments and repost more than 90 percent of the remaining duty assignments.  Over the summer we worked hard at trying to minimize the affects of this staffing proposal.  In the end, we were able to reduce the abolishments to Tour 2 Automation, Tour 1 Pouch Rack, and Tour 1 FSM sections.  In addition, we were able to reduce the number of duty assignments reposted to less than 5% of the duty assignments.  This was not a small feat and working with a management team who changed their minds sometimes three times a day.  There were many letters sent to employees which were wrong and re-issued.

Historically, the Union has been successful and keeping non-career employees from working in downsized sections.  In this case, Tour 2 Automation, Tour 1 Letter Auto, and Tour 1 Pouch Rack due to the language in Article 12 of the contract which states PSE hours must be reduced to the maximum possible. This has resulted in local agreement preventing non-career employees from working in downsized sections.  Management has already indicated they do not plan to honor these agreements. This means we will need the employees in this sections to ask for Stewards when PSE is working these downsized sections.  Further, we need our members to ask for Stewards and file grievances with management is performing bargiaining unit work, mailhandlers performing clerk work, or employees being asked to fund DCBS machines by themselves.  These all are violations and need to be documented to restore the jobs management is attempting to eliminate.  We can only do this with the involvement of our members on the workroom floor.

If we all continue to be vigilant we can preserve full-time duty assignments.