Hello Maintenance,

I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for the National All Craft Conference. I want to thank both Sam Kim and Matt Garcia for doing a great job representing the APWU while the rest of us were at the All-Craft Conference.

It is time again to meet with Management for the 2017 fiscal year for the MS-47 TL-5 Line H discussions to determine if Management has a Line H liability to the Laborer Custodial PS-4, Group Leader, Custodial PS-5, and Cleaners PS-3. It is hoped that if it is determined that Management has failed to meet the 90% of the Line H total, the grievance will be settled in a timely manner. However, if history is repeated Management will delay the inevitable.

I want to address the Laborer Custodial employees and let them know that their Union is working hard for them, by forcing Management to comply with the new Handbook MS-47, TL-3 & TL-5 and the limitations the Handbook places on Management on everyday application of the provisions. The Union cannot do the policing alone we need the cooperation of all Laborer Custodial employees to report to their local Union representative when you feel Management is not complying with the intent of the handbook as it is written. We all know that Management is purposely violating the handbook on a regular basis, and the only way we can ensure Management complies with the MS-47 TL-3 TL-5, is if “YOU” the employee notifies the Union when you see Management violating the MS-47.

If you are not sure if they are actually violating the MS-47 TL-3 & TL-5, or if you have questions on the application of the MS-47 as it applies to your bid, such as, the Laborer Custodial PS-4 employees assigned to Station & Branches which these positions are still under the MS-47, TL-3 Handbook, where as the Laborer Custodial  PS-4 assigned to the Saint Paul P&DC fall under the MS-47 TL-5.

I want to thank Matt Garcia for the hard work he has performed learning the MS-47 TL-3 & TL-5 provisions  as they apply to the Maintenance Craft Bargaining Unit employees.

I was hoping to come back from the All Craft Conference with more information to report on for this letter, however I will be making my report on the All-Craft Conference and posting it on the local Union website: www.stpaulapwu.org

We are looking for Union stewards on tours 1 & 3 if you are interested please submit your request to Local President Todd Elkerton. You can submit your written request via email or on any type of paper. There is no formal request form.

Jim Pierce

Maintenance Craft Director