As the weather cools down once again it is clear the Christmas Mailing Season is once again fast approaching.  The penalty overtime exclusion period has been set and will start PP 25 WK 2 (December 2nd) thru PP 1 Wk 1 (December 29th).  We have been notified that the Christmas Annex will be near the MN State Fair Grounds this year and as such will fall under the jurisdiction of St Paul.  The facility is currently being staged and set-up.   We have requested a meeting with management on the Christmas Annex and overall operational plans for the Christmas season and have yet to be given a set date.  Once we have our meeting we will be sure to notify our members of the impacts this mailing Season will have and the Postal Services intended plans.  As usual I am sure there will be plenty of overtime available so get your rest now!  In the end the Service will rely on our seasoned career employees to get thru the peek mailing season.  Remember to work safely and protect your self.

In Solidarity,

Dave Cook