from the February 2018 Postmark

So I’ve missed a couple months of writing a post, during that time I wrote grievances and settled them all, but I won’t boast.

Management can’t figure out how to run the show, I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.

Still cutting jobs hoping things will work, when they will learn they just look like jerks.

Get staffing right and leave it alone, your employees will be productive, efficient and you’ll probably hear a lot less groans.

The supervisors can’t be forgotten and it’s said to your face, you’re one step above doormats and a postal disgrace.

On to another subject… I guess I can’t quit, subcontracting the snowplowing was a bad idea… because the lot looks like SH*T .

Piles of snow scattered here and there, the lot is icy and dangerous but does management care?

20 plus grievances and I haven’t lost one, messing with management never gets boring and I find it quite fun.

They violate the contract to get the work done, so I set up a meeting to settle at Step 1.

They think they can hide, dodge and duck…you violated the contract so just sign the grievance you schmuck.

If you kept proper staffing the work would get done and Motor Vehicle craft wouldn’t have to do so many multiple runs.

For more than 230 years to get the job done right and we still have late mail almost every single night.

Figure out your problems and great days will come because showing up at work should be enjoyable and sometimes fun.

This won’t be a long postmark and I won’t bore you to death, here’s what I’m working on …but it’ll take me more than one breath.

Stopping management from doing bargaining unit work, there’s enough people in our craft so back off ya jerks.

Working with management to get holiday schedules posted correctly and without spite,  5 grievances later and it’s still not done right.

Holiday Pecking Order should be done right the 1st time; pull your head out where the sun doesn’t shine.

We won a Step 3 to make Amazon hauling between postal facilities  bargaining unit work, its not on our schedules and now I’ve got even more grievance work.  ( Article 1.6 )

Now some of you may not like what I say ,  but its protecting union jobs and for some extra pay. MVS hauls the mail 24hr a day and because that happens we can’t have delay,  Tour 1 Vehicle Maintenance is what we need , it helps keep the trucks going and up to speed.

Remember… were in this together and we need to protect our work. If you need questions answered or have problems with work I’m available for you.  Whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say…. I’ve got your back.

Fighting For You,   Fighting For Us,  Fighting to Win

In Solidarity

Adam Godes
MVS Steward / Craft Trustee