from the April Postmark

Hello to all the Motor Vehicle members.

I would like to first start by thanking all of you for your support in having me on as Craft Director for a second term. I feel that this position is important to our craft and I will continue to fight for what is rightfully ours.  I would also like to thank Adam Godes and Tyler Hogen for stepping up and taking the initiative to working along side me as we address issues as they arise. I urge anyone who sees any potential issues that are going against our contract to ask for a steward and provide statements to any of us so that we can initiate the proper channels in the grievance procedure.

We can expect in the weeks ahead to see some movement at our union’s national level on what routes we will be taking over from Postal Fleet Services contractor. The rumors and delays on this issue have been explained in the latest news from Mike Foster on the APWU National website. I urge all members to take a moment and go to this website to read up on this. I have highlighted some of what was explained by Foster below.

(The National Star Route Mail Contractors Association’s lawsuit against the Postal Service over the American Postal Workers Union’s (APWU) arbitration award regarding Highway Contract Routes (HCRs) was denied by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

(The HCR association’s argument was based on the grounds that they would incur serious monetary damages with the termination of their contracts, and the MVS Craft bargaining unit employees would not suffer equivalent damages without these contracts, as they were not previously performing the work).

(It is very disturbing to the APWU to have an organization that is not part of the USPS or the CBA between the parties attempt to interfere with the parties’ agreements or processes.)

Early reports from the field indicated local management was attempting to negotiate some of the 110 routes for substitution, which Arbitrator Das allowed for, but not on the local level.

(Arbitrator Das stated, “By agreement, the parties may substitute other route(s) to be converted to PVS service pursuant to this order based on particular circumstances.”)

(In response to the APWU’s requests for information regarding these reports from the field, the Postal Service confirmed that “since this was a National level arbitration we would agree that the parties the arbitrator refers to are parties at the National level.” Local management has no authority to negotiate the substation of any routes from the original 110 named in the award.)

(We are still in the process of finalizing the list of HCRs to be insourced and will notify the membership once the list is complete.)

This is good news and goes to show the issues our union deals with at the National level to keep our jobs secure. Along with this management will need to figure out the logistics and provide the needed equipment and extra employees to get the job done. VMF management has stated again that we can expect new tractors and trailers this fall. We can only hope this is the case. This is going to be a battle all the way through. We will need to be patient and cannot afford to lose sight of what we are here to do.

In solidarity

Brian Borgerson
MVS Craft Director