We are on the backside of old man winter and we can all look forward to a new spring with warmer weather. Our Maintenance Craft Union Stewards are responsible to represent the Saint Paul P&DC Installation, Stations and Branches, Twin Cities L&DC, and to include all 540 & 550 Associate offices. I want to take the opportunity to let you all know that we are here to fight for your contractual rights. If you are on tours 1 & 3 and you are interested becoming a Union Steward contact me. We have a need on the tours 1 & 3 for Union representation, to ensure Management follows their contractual obligations.

I am elated to report to you, the members, we prevailed and Management finally paid all five of the employees owed. After a very long 2.5 years we settled the grievance and the three ET-10 employees were paid a collective amount of $157,691. The two BEM-9 employees were paid a total of $30698.22. In all, the total amount paid to the five employees filed for the improper reversions of the five positions totaled $188,389.22

I need to touch on a very important topic that I have seen happening recently. I am noticing that some of the Management at the Stations & Branches are volatile, aggressive, bullying. If you are subjected to, or witness  this type of treatment at your facility, request a Union Steward so we can address this with higher Management. No employee should be subjected to this type of treatment when performing their job.

We are looking for members to step up to be Union Stewards on Tours 1& 3 to represent the Maintenance Craft. With that being said, even if you do not want to become a Union Steward you can still help the Maintenance Craft by being vigilant on what Management is doing on a regular basis. If you witness Management violating the contract by performing our work or other possible violations let the Union know so we can address the issues. If you witness Management performing Bargaining Unit Work report it to the Union so we can stop Management from stealing our work.

I want to thank the Maintenance Craft Stewards Matt Garcia and Rod Renner who are dedicated and very busy and are doing an awesome job protecting your contractual rights. Without their dedication and hard work these two are doing for you the members, we would not be as effective as we are. Without these dedicated stewards the Maintenance Craft representation would not be as strong as it is, so if you see the Maintenance stewards throughout your day, make sure to thank them for the hard work they do for you.

Jim Pierce
Maintenance Craft Director