Flash 1/24/20


CANCELLED: St. Paul, MN Outside the Installation Clerk Excessing Event

Management has notified the St. Paul MN Area Local in writing the proposed excessing outside the Installation for 39 Clerks has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is attrition through retirement and transfers has met the needed reduction.  The letter was given to the National APWU and is dated January 13th, 2020.  The means anyone who submitted transfer under the priority eReassign 21 day posting in January would be cancelled as a priority.

While the cancellation is good news for those facing the excessing outside the installation. We are still awaiting Local notification of how management plans to affect sections.  We are expecting at some point in the near future to be provided these plans.  When we know the impact to sections we will update and request management meet with the affected sections and explain their plans.  The St. Paul Area Local asserts there is the same notification time lines in effect as the prior outside the installation excessing and it is expected these notice requirements are adhered to once notification to the St. Paul Area Local is provided the specific impacts.


Grievance Settlement to pay out of schedule premium to Clerk is awarded on the present open vacancy notice.

All clerks in the St Paul bid cluster, as we have done in the past, we would like to make you aware of one bid on the current bid sheet which closes 1/31/20 10 a.m. Friday.  As the result of a grievance settlement at step 2, the below listed position is being posted.  As part of the remedy, the successful bidder of this position MAY be awarded out of schedule premium pay, night differential and Sunday premium pay, if applicable.  These payments will be retroactive back to 6/8/19 once awarded to the successful bidder.

We as a Local believe it is important that all members are aware of the potential for a monetary gain when making the decision to bid.  Bidding is a personal choice, so please weigh all of your options prior to bidding.


72168646        40-hour NTFT Clerk SSA position at North St Paul