from the March 2018 Postmark

For calling in for weather related absence you need to call-in for EMERGENCY ANNUAL LEAVE (EAL) only.

It clearly stated in the ELM  (519.21)under Acts of God involve community disasters such as fire, flood, or storms.  The disaster situation must be general rather than personal in scope and impact.  It must prevent groups of employees from working or reporting to work.

How to Call In for Weather Related Absence

Also, Employees on Annual Leave, Sick Leave, or LWOP remain in such status.  They are not entitled to administrative leave.  There were a number of employees that didn’t call in correctly.  Not just the newer employees but the employees that have worked here for years.

There is certain percentage of employees that need to call-in EMERGENCY ANNUAL LEAVE to be eligible for 8 hours of administrative leave pay.

Kim Richardson
T-1 Steward