Dawn Ecker, President

The Denmark Ave entrance is now open. The two entrances on Lexington will be closed in the very near future, by 11/1/10.BIDDINGThe front page of the Clerk Vacancy notice 101210M has incorrect information where it states on the front cover:“…also sign the verification sheet provided by SDOs to indicate that you have had the opportunity to bid.”This is incorrect for this bid sheet. That procedure is used for insection bidding and retreat rights, NOT for bid sheet 101210M.LIVE BIDDERQ212 of the JCIM states: “Must an employee who submits a letter to remain a live bidder on a previous bid continue to submit a letter for each subsequent successful bid? Response: Yes. A new letter must be submitted each time an employee is designated a successful bidder. The only exception is when the employee is forced to bid due to his/her duty assignment being abolished or reposted.” After discussion with our NBA, when all the positions were reposted in September, Q212 of the JCIM applies to that bid sheet, meaning all previous bids and higher preferences on the same bid sheet are not required to have a “live bidder” form filled out. However, if you received a bid actually awarded and no longer want to be considered for a previous bid or higher preference from the September manual posting, you must submit a cancellation of those bids. A.O.’S60 day notification letters of potential excessing have been or will be handed out to impacted employees at the following A.O.’s: Cottage Grove, Northfield, Owatonna, Stillwater, and Forest Lake. This potential excessing is projected due to the removal of CSBCS machines in these offices. The CSBCS machines are still running in these offices right now. This 60 day notification does not mean you will be excessed in 60 days, it is “potentially”. The union met with Labor on 10/20/10 on these staffing packages. We will meet further with the Postmasters. We will attempt to reduce the impact through meetings, attrition, etc. These excessing letters are not set in stone. Meetings will also be held with the employees at these AO’s with the Union. The Union has also been notified that the withholding for these AO’s has been extended out to 300 miles.