COVID19 Infections and quarantines
Rising quickly
Important information.
1. We are all in this together and need to care for our co-workers
2. Be prepared when you arrive to work and have your mask on when you enter the building. Do not come in without and walk around the facility without it.
3. Maintain 6 feet distance at all times from your co-workers.
5. First call is to your medical provider and follow directions.
6. If you get tested STAY HOME until you know the results.
7. If you are positive, or told to quarantine contact your supervisor. If you don’t have the number for your facility get it now. If you work at the St. Paul Processing and Distribution Plant the 24/7 phone number is the Dispatch Office at 651-681-2625. Give the dispatch employee your supervisors name and contact information. For management to get back to you with directions to proceed.
8. If an employee tests positive, immediately call Northland District Occupational and Health Services at 612-349-4417 or send an email to Please be sure to provide your contact phone number. This office is responsible for contract tracing and determining the time of quarantine.
Last, the USPS needs everyone who is healthy to be at work to be successful over this Peak Season. Lets stand together and do the right thing.
Things we can do to protect ourselves
1. Use the sanitation supplies to keep your work areas clean. Disinfect your assigned work area when you start your shift. If using spray, it is designed to mist and DO NOT WIPE. Also, you don’t need to saturate it.
2. When taking a break in a common area clean the area you sit in and clean it when you leave.
3. Dispose of your Personal Protective gloves and disposable masks in the trash receptacles. Don’t be disrespectful and expect someone else to clean up your trash. 4. If you have an idea which can make your work area safer, share it. The best ideas have come from you.
5. Help the custodians by making sure all trash is picked up and disposed of properly. So, the custodians have the time to give to properly disinfecting the bathrooms and water fountains.
6. Try to keep your bubble small to limit exposure outside of work.