APWU St. Paul, MN Area Local
Todd Elkerton, President October 30, 2020

Vacancy Announcement
Opens 10/27/20 Closes 11/6/20
Grievance Settlement requires a $3500 payment to successful bidder for 42 duty assignments
In Flash Bulletin dated 10/27/20, We informed the membership within the St. Paul Installation of 42 duty assignments on the present vacancy in which the successful bidder would receive a monetary remedy decided at Step 3 of the grievance process for improper reversions. This notice missed two additional duty assignments on the posting. They are 95017060 and 95018818 both duty assignments are at the LDC Airport. Please refer to the previous flash bulletin for the additional provided concerning these settlements.

Immediate Changes to “Close Contact Tracing”
We are quickly learning COVID19 and the demand to change processes to protect employees will change. We were just informed overnight the USPS is changing its “CLOSE CONTACT TRACING” requirements in accordance to most recent guidance on people exposed to COVID19. Previously the CDC guidance had said (paraphrasing) that someone needed to be around (within 6 feet) someone for 15 minutes continuously who tested positive for COVID-19 to be considered a “close contact”. Also, the guidance allowed that if the infected and the exposed were wearing face coverings they were not considered “close contacts”. However, that has changed. Recent studies have shown that a person should be considered a “close contact” if they were exposed to an infected individual if they were around (within 6 feet) them for a cumulative of 15 minutes in a 24-hour period. This is irrespective whether the persons involved were wearing masks. Employees who are found to be in these situations are to be considered close contacts and should be placed on quarantine. The close contact tracing guidelines require that these “close contacts” be placed on FFCRA Emergency Paid Sick Leave. If any of these close contacts have used their EPSL there are to be placed on Administrative Leave.
This is a significant change and will require a greater emphasis on maintaining social distancing. Mask wearing has already become a mandate within our facilities. It is expected social distancing will now also become a mandate. The Postal Service will need to take a close look at operations and change where six feet distancing is required for its employees during the work day.

St. Paul APWU has a supply of masks
A motion approved by the Membership for the St. Paul Area Local to purchase face masks. The Local has received these masks and they are available. If you want a mask, contact the Stewards Desk at 651-224-2639 and will figure out a way to get it to you.