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From the April Postmark


from the April Postmark

Hello to all the Motor Vehicle members.

I would like to first start by thanking all of you for your support in having me on as Craft Director

From the April Postmark2019-12-02T17:17:58-06:00

From the February 2018 Postmark


from the February 2018 Postmark

So I’ve missed a couple months of writing a post, during that time I wrote grievances and settled them all, but I won’t boast.

Management can’t figure

From the February 2018 Postmark2019-12-02T17:20:33-06:00

National Convention in Pittsburgh


Brian Borgerson- Craft Director
Adam Godes- MVS Trustee

To all MVS brothers and sisters, I would like to first thank you all for letting me represent you at the 2018 National Convention

National Convention in Pittsburgh2019-12-02T17:23:31-06:00

National Conferences


It’s been awhile since I wrote an article but I’m back and I’ve got lots to say.  First I’d like to thank the members for the opportunity to attend the

National Conferences2019-12-02T17:22:49-06:00

From the October 2017 Postmark


There once was a man from Nantucket whose job was so screwed up he said phucket.  He showed up every day…did minimum for the pay and that’s why the mail

From the October 2017 Postmark2019-12-02T17:19:36-06:00

MVS Report May 2017 Postmark


I finally have a moment to take the time to thank everyone who voted in the recent election.  I appreciate the opportunity to represent the Motor Vehicle Craft and I’ll

MVS Report May 2017 Postmark2019-12-06T15:17:12-06:00
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