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Meeting Schedule


The 2020 retiree meeting location and dates:
Meeting time: 11:00 am

All meetings are at the:
Union Office
2261 Waters Dr.
St. Paul, MN 55120

January 15
March 18
May 20
July 15
Sept 16
November 18

The Postmark will not be

Meeting Schedule2020-01-16T10:16:35-06:00

Dim Outlook on Wages


Private sector employees shouldn’t expect much in the way of wage increases in the coming months, according to an analysis by the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA).

The private publisher said

Dim Outlook on Wages2019-12-03T15:39:13-06:00

How to File a Grievance, from the September 2018 Postmark


If you think management has violated the contract ask to see a union steward.

Then you want to write a statement on the situation.  Do you have the Who? What? When?

How to File a Grievance, from the September 2018 Postmark2019-12-16T14:23:55-06:00
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