I hope everyone had a good Christmas Season this year.  Management didn’t prepare very well this Christmas Season, as all of you could see by how often management did mail handlers and clerk craft work. Never in my 22.5 years at the postal service did I see Management do so much Craft work. I hope you all gave statements to a steward so you can get some of that free money.

I also have been seeing employees on Tour 3 Automation working by themselves. If anyone sees this violation I will be seeking to pay the employees who write a statement and not the employee who worked by themselves to try to stop this behavior. I don’t want management to someday argue that you should be able to run a machine all day by yourself.

I want to thank all of the stewards for their hard work this year.

Out at the AO’s I want to thank all the members for letting us know when people retire or quit so we can make sure we don’t lose any jobs out at the AO’s, because management wants to revert a lot of full-time jobs. If management has you doing the custodial hours during your regular hours, ask for a steward. If management is doing custodial hours let the union know.  It is taking hours, pension, and annual leave from PTFs and PSEs,  our union Brothers and Sisters.

If management asks to see you in the office, please ask for a steward or if the PI’s or OIG want to just talk to you, ask for a union steward, they are not on your side, but the union is.

Again I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bruce Gutzke