Attention Lead Sales & Service Associates

From the September 2017 Postmark

For those of you not aware, in May of 2012 the APWU at Headquarters level reached an agreement in regards to the return of TACS adjustments to the bargaining unit (LSSA’s & Lead Clerks).  As the Postal Service refused to honor this agreement, the APWU filed a National Level grievance (Q10C-4Q-C 15194931) to force compliance.  In February of 2016 the parties reached a pre-arbitration agreement in regards to that National level grievance.  The agreement states in part:

“All Clerk Craft employees occupying Lead Clerk duty assignments will be provided the required training for the Lead Clerk office roll in TACS…This role is designed to allow the Lead Clerk the ability to support the supervisor by being able to run various reports and to make approved entries to correct time and attendance records…”

As a result of these agreements the St Paul Area Local has been filling grievances to ensure local management is in compliance.   All of these grievances have been settled at various levels of the grievance procedure and resulted in shared payments of thousands of dollars between the Lead Sales & Service Associates. Management at the stations & branches does not want to give this work to the bargaining unit and is reluctantly being forced to comply due to the financial liabilities non-compliance is resulting in.   We have heard some mixed feelings from the LSSA’s at the stations & branches in regards to taking on the work of TACS adjustments.  As a Union, it is our job to secure work for the bargaining unit.  These additional duties help to insure bargaining unit staffing levels stay the same and hopefully increase in the future.  The St. Paul Area Local will continue to file these grievances until Management is in full compliance and the LSSA’s are performing the TACS adjustments at their station/branch.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at the stewards’ desk 651-224-2639.  And as always, remember that the Union starts with YOU!

Dave Cook

Vice President