Todd Elkerton,  President
St. Paul, MN Area Local
August 29, 2018

Management contacted the union while we were attending the National Convention stating they wanted to send out repost letters again to employees on all three tours.

Management plans on changing days off of mostly Saturday/Sunday, Friday/Saturday, Sunday/Monday, and three Monday/Tuesday bids.   They plan on changing two jobs in Tour 2 Flats; three jobs in Tour 3 Flats; ten jobs on Tour 1 Automation; one Tour 2 Automation bid; two Tour 3 Automation Bids; four Tour 1 Pouch Rack jobs and two Tour 3 Pouch Rack jobs.

The letters will be sent out to employees sometime this week.  The union did go over the bids that management wants to change and found a few errors.

If you think that management made a mistake by not reposting by seniority, ask for a union steward or ask to see Jason Stevens or myself (Bruce Gutzke).

If employees retire in the next month or so, people who received letters could receive another letter cancelling the repost letter.

When management came to the union in January we suggested that management wait awhile to see if employees move around and then change bids as they came up.  Management did wait which caused almost 50% less reposting letters being sent out.

As we find out more information the union will keep the membership informed.

Bruce Gutzke
Clerk Craft Director