Management is sending out Job Review Questionnaire from the SHAKER Science Experience results.  This is the Human Resources Management working with the SHAKER group to study our Union Jobs….. This questionnaire you should not fill out; the questions will only harm you and your APWU Union Job.

Please be aware this questionnaire  will only help management destroy our jobs.  The Union at National and Local levels is fighting to protect your rights.  This is a PLOY by management to once again use the Lean Six Sigma against us workers.  The Wikipedia definition of Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste, combing lean manufacturing/lean enterprise and Six Sigma to eliminate eight kinds of waste:  Time, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, over production, defects and skills.

St. Paul/Eagan Members of the Union, we have to understand the underlying goals of these innocuous surveys/questionnaires and not allow or not to participate in this.  The questionnaire has your information already on the papers:  employee number, your name and job title.  The Lean Six Sigma process is elimination and dumbing down of jobs and management will be using the answers against us.

The questionnaire should be brought to the Union office or sent to the Union office and it will be entered into the next VOE drawing.

It is very important to READ the “FLASH BULLETINS” and Monthly POSTMARK’s regarding management’s ploys against our jobs.  Please, if you have any questions or concerns – contact a steward by requesting a steward from your supervisor.  Please be present at the next GMM (General Membership Meeting).     See you there….

Dianne Richardson,


St. Paul, MN Area Local
Todd Elkerton , President