I would like to thank the membership for sending me to the All Craft Conference in Las Vegas Nevada. It was fun, emotional, inspiring, educational and all together a great time. Of course the first day was a little unsettling as the worse mass shooting in US history happened on that day.

I had already gone to bed when it happened and did not become aware of it until 4:00 am when an alarm came on over the intercom in the room that stated “All guests are allowed in their rooms, all non-guests must now leave the hotel”. I thought something must have happened so I turned on the news and became aware of the tragedy. I then called home to let my family know I was safe.

Every class I went to we started by bowing our heads in silence, for the people that were killed or injured.   At the classes I went to it became very apparent that the problems we are dealing with in St Paul are occurring around the entire country.   It is a full attack on postal duty assignments. Each Local is dealing with reposts, reversions and excessing.

The National Union officers are taking these issues up at their level with National level grievances and helping out the locals to develop the cases at the lowest levels.   As the Clerk Trustee, all the classes I signed up for were dealing with reposting, reversions and excessing. I learned a lot to make the strongest defenses to save each and every job Management tries to take from us.

Again I would like to thank the membership for sending me to this conference,

Jason Stevens
Clerk Trustee