There’s an old folk song by Pete Seeger (there’s also a great cover of the song by Natalie Merchant) that starts with that line.  It goes to say you’re either a union man, or a thug for JH Blair, (a mining company). Back in those days, the battle lines were more clearly drawn, and the battles more violent.

But we are in our own battle today.  The battle to preserve the Service, and to preserve one of the last well paying jobs available to those without college educations.  A job that allows you to buy a home, have a comfortable life, and even send your kids to college.  A job that lifts families from one class to another, a job that allows people to work hard and earn the American Dream.

In this battle, we need to ask, which side are we on?  Are you pulling your weight?  Paying your dues, even if you don’t file grievances?  Are you supporting COPA? Contacting your representatives on bills that are important to the survival of the Postal Service, or that protect your contractual bargaining rights through the Union?

Or are you on the side of those that would see the Service privatized and dismantled for profit?  Those that would do away with first class protection and universal delivery at the same low cost rate?  Are you taking all the benefits the union fights for but not contributing to the cost of the fight by paying your dues?

I ask you, which side are you on?  Which side are you on?  Consider joining the fight, we need all of us pulling together if we want to succeed.