A Special Message for Non-Members from APWU President Cliff Guffey

If you are a USPS employee in the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle, or Support Services crafts, the APWU already works for you. Chances are, a union steward or officer has already helped you with an on-the-job grievance. Or perhaps you have taken advantage of a union-negotiated benefit.  What you may not realize is that without the APWU, you would not have the good wages, benefits, and job security you enjoy today.

The union has fought hard for every benefit you receive, including Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA); healthcare and retirement benefits; annual leave, sick leave, and holidays; protection against layoffs; and dignity and respect in the workplace.

Unlike workers in many other industries, postal workers’ income has kept pace with inflation for the past 30 years, and our benefits have remained intact. Without our union and our collective bargaining power, we would have no contract and no workplace representation to enforce our rights. Without the APWU, we would not enjoy the stable career our families rely on. We would be disposable — subject to the whims of abusive supervisors and managers.

In short, our livelihood is protected because three out of four of your co-workers pay the modest union dues that make it possible for the APWU to function as an effective, professional organization that fights for your interests.Today, we face our most serious challenges ever.

The Postal Service is attempting consolidate mail processing facilities and “outsource” postal operations to private contractors.

In addition, corporate mailers are trying to further influence postal policy-making at the expense of workers and consumers through special USPS “advisory” panels. As a consequence, we need you — and you need us — now more than ever.Membership in the APWU shows a commitment to working together for better pay and benefits, as well as for dignity and respect on the job.

It represents our understanding of the principle of strength through unity, both in demanding our rights on the job and in speaking to our nation’s leaders about issues that are important to working people.The APWU cannot effectively meet these challenges without your support.

Whatever your reason for not joining before, we ask that you reconsider the importance and many advantages of becoming an APWU member.Please look closely at everything the union has to offer, and do your part by becoming a member today.