A New Year is upon us and it seems like we are experiencing some major changes in the Maintenance Management here in Saint Paul. Hopefully we will see some positive changes, and some Managers and Supervisors with actual Maintenance background. I myself will not be holding my breath for that.

With the current shuffle in Maintenance Management I am cautiously hopeful the Maintenance employees will no longer have to deal with supervisors and managers treating them with no respect and aggressive and abrasive attitudes while performing their daily work on a regular basis and will be treated in a more positive work environment.

This is not a new issue and it is very frustrating which I have discussed with every Manager of Maintenance (MM) since before Tim Lynch was the Acting/ MM as well as the previous MM William Clancy. Unfortunately it seems that it has condoned and encouraged by the upper managers. Lets hope that with the new Management this is addressed.

If you are experiencing unwarranted attention from your supervisor while performing your daily work such as, un-respectful attitudes, abrasive and aggressive attitudes, from your supervisors and managers request to speak to a Union Steward so we can address these issues with higher Managers to attempt to resolve this kind of abuse in the future.

Unfortunately on a daily basis we are dealing with supervisors that have no idea what their basic job description requires. Yes, the Supervisor does have an actual job description for their core duties and responsibilities. It is very frustrating dealing with a Management team that have no basic knowledge of the National Contract, Handbooks & Manuals they are required to follow. It is ironic some of the supervisors in the maintenance department when they were in Craft could quote the Articles of the National Agreement verbatim and since they entered Management they seem to suddenly become ignorant of this information and they try to reinvent the wheel in respect to the contract.

Several employees have come into the Union office in the past several months with major pay issues and it is brought to Managements attention and it still they have not fixed it, and continues to be a major problem. I highly recommend all Maintenance employees to check your paystubs to ensure your pay is correct. If you do find any pay issues first bring it to the attention of your supervisor and manager if at that time it still is an issue ask for Union representation to assist in the correction to your pay issue.

Again, with all of the changes in the Maintenance Management here in Saint Paul we can only hope that we gain new supervisors who have Maintenance background and a modicum of knowledge of the handbooks & manuals as well as the National Agreement, or at the very least they are willing to learn. Unfortunately, experience indicates Management cannot find decent candidates to take the positions and are left with candidates have no knowledge or willingness to learn the handbooks & Manuals or Articles of the National Agreement they are required to follow.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Union steward for answers to the contractual issues.

We are looking for Maintenance Craft employees that are interested in becoming a Union Steward, we are in need of Tour 1 and Tour 3 Union Stewards. If you are interested contact me to discuss the possibility.

Jim Pierce
Maintenance Craft Director