Hello Brothers and Sisters

I said in my last article that I would provide some information on mileage between Associate Offices for PTFs.  Here is a memo that was signed:

“The parties agree to resolve case Q00C-4Q-C 04184581 concerning the Postal Service in some offices is not compensating part time flexible employees for mileage and/or travel time who are assigned, on a temporary basis, to work in an office other than their home office.

All employees who volunteer to work, on a temporary basis; in an office other than their home office in order to supplement their hours are to follow the provisions of the Employee and Labor Relations Manual, Section 538.133, Types of Compensable Travel Time, which states:

“One Day Assignment Outside the Local Commuting Area.  The following applies to 1 day assignments outside the local commuting area:

Rule. Except as stated in the next sentence, time spent at any time during a single service day by an eligible employee who is traveling on Postal Service business to one or more locations outside of the local commuting area and back to the home community is compensable.

Also applicable to this settlement is Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation, Chapter 7.d, Determining Daily Expenses, which states:

“Mileage. When it is advantageous to the Postal Service, you may be authorized to depart directly from and return directly to your home.

The Postal Service may reimburse you for any mileage that exceeds the distance between your home and your permanent duty station.  If the mileage is less than that between your home and your permanent duty station, you may not claim a mileage reimbursement.  You may claim out of pocket expenses such as tolls, parking, etc.”

The F-15 handbook also talks about mileage if you need another referral citation.

I would also like to thank the membership for sending me to the AFL-CIO convention here in Minneapolis, and to remind members that the AFL-CIO is looking for volunteers for phone banking and door knocking in the month of October for our endorsed candidates.

Bruce Gutzke

Clerk Craft Director